How to Win at Sports Betting: No Bullshit Tutorial

It’s logical and it’s human. Think about it: it’s not a question of greed or lack of realism. It is not even a matter of temporary insanity. Just as we fantasise about winning the lottery, learning how to win money in sports betting always and without risk is an illusion just as distant, but just as comforting. Who hasn’t done it at some point?

We are not here to deceive you (and proof of this are the betting tips we usually give you). Turning this practice into a goose that lays golden eggs is something reserved for only a few. It takes a combination of several factors to become an elite gambler.

And let’s not kid ourselves: making money from gambling should never be the goal of anyone who starts gambling as a hobby. But let’s get back to the fantasy part: How do you make money betting and be infallible? Well… for those who are really interested, we are going to try to give some keys to get as close as possible to this (almost) utopia.

How to make money in sports betting

The first thing we must be, before becoming good players from the point of view of success, is to become players who respect the Safe Play. It is absolutely impossible to win money with sports betting if we do not respect a series of rules aimed at controlling not only our bankroll, but also ourselves.

We have already mentioned them in another post in this Sports Betting Blog. But, even so, let’s go over them again:

Safe Gambling Rules

  • Control your bankroll: Set yourself an amount that you can lose without any problem and count on that money being already lost before you start betting. Never risk your financial or domestic well-being, let alone that of your loved ones. This is a hobby, not a black hole to wipe out your savings.
  • Narrow your knowledge: Don’t bet on what you don’t know: If you are good at football and don’t know anything about tennis, don’t bet on tennis just to try it. Play only what you feel confident about.
  • Watch. Study. Learn: Use statistics to back your bets. Keep track of results, latest news, highs and lows. Write down your successes and mistakes. Everything counts.
  • Understand that you are ALWAYS going to lose, even if it’s just a little: that way, when you lose, you won’t feel like recovering and you won’t make the beginner’s mistake: trying to recover.
  • Bet in full physical and psychological condition: NEVER bet under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Always focus on what you have to do.
  • Set limits (do it even if you don’t want to, it’s an order!): set yourself a maximum balance per day, week or month, and a maximum attention span, no more.
  • Identify your virtues and enhance them: if you feel comfortable with one or more types of bets as opposed to others (intervals, handicap, halves…), build on them.
  • Limit your flaws as much as possible: obviously, don’t bet on markets where you will always lose.
  • Let yourself be advised: consult experts or Tipsters and read specialised articles (in this Blog you have many sports betting tips).
  • Don’t start with the house from the roof: start with simple bets and then learn more complex things.

How to win at sports betting, always and without risk

Once we have seen these basic rules of Safe Gambling, it is time to face the million dollar question: OK, fine, but now… how to win in sports betting?

It is a matter of consolidating the learning process that, surely, you have already mentally deduced from the basic rules. Start with little expenditure, limiting bets and markets, and following each and every one of these rules step by step. We must be cautious, read a lot and, above all, write down absolutely everything we do.

Once we gain this knowledge -which, above all, is gained from failures- we will get to know how the world of sports betting works, how we are as players (if we are more or less aggressive, if we suffer a lot or a little when we lose, what type of bets we like the most, etc.) and, in short, how to win with bets according to our profile.

With this in mind, it is of course possible to become a successful player who wins a lot more than he loses. But that takes a LOT of time, a LOT of practice, a LOT of patience and a LOT of previous failures. That’s how it is… and, as we say, we do NOT lie.

Gambling is, above all, a hobby. And if you want to turn it into something more professional, it will take a lot of effort.

An Example of how to win in Sports Betting

To finish with these keys, it is always a good idea to imagine a practical case of someone who, starting from a complete lack of knowledge, becomes a real betting crack.

To do this, we will determine the different steps that, theoretically, this person would have to take to become someone who would not even have to read these betting tips:

  • Complete their 1st Registration.
  • Spends a lot of time learning about the different types of bets, markets and odds that exist.
  • Read betting tips and soak up statistics and background information.
  • Determine a SMALL maximum balance. Decide what sport and markets you will bet on to learn.
  • Start placing your bets. Write down all your successes and failures, and study them.
  • He fails more than he succeeds, but he starts to get to know himself. He continues to consult statistics, articles…
  • He starts to win more than he loses, but he DOES NOT GO CRAZY. He narrows down his bets and his bankroll a lot.
  • After a while, you expand your betting types. Find out how to place a combined bet. Try other sports. You KEEP writing everything down.
  • Your level of knowledge is already extensive. You know how the teams you bet on behave. You are up to date with current events.
  • You have never risked your money in a dangerous way but you already have a profit base to start increasing the Stake of your bets.
  • Keep betting, following all the above steps.

This being the case, we could be the subjects of the example we are proposing. But we keep insisting: be clear that, even so, we will always lose money. And that this should be taken as a hobby and always with responsibility.

How to win at betting: The professionals

A few lines ago we mentioned a term that, probably, most people who would like to learn how to bet but do not know how to do it yet, will be completely unfamiliar with: the Tipster.

A Tipster is a professional in the world of Sports Betting. A Tipster is a person whose job (or whose hobby, understood as a more or less professionalised activity) consists of making betting predictions (football, basketball, tennis, etc.), which they then share with their followers, whether they are subscribers to a website, a social network, or any other channel.

Tipsters usually charge for their services, but they guarantee their followers a minimum volume of earnings. In addition, they offer security and reliability through a demonstrable percentage of hits. There are Tipsters of all kinds, each one specialised in a specific sport and/or type of bet. Likewise, there are tipsters of very different levels. From free Tipsters to Premium Tipsters.

It is convenient to know their existence in order to know that they are profiles to which you can turn to if you want to earn money with bets in a constant way. But first, it is necessary to be sure that they are not people who are trying to scam us, as there is a lot of offer and, however, the real quality of these tipsters is limited to a few.

In this Blog we also offer you sports betting tips for different sports and championships. However, we are not Tpisters. Our ratings are for guidance purposes only.

We hope we have been helpful. If you want to make money with sports betting, this small tutorial will help you, above all, not to have any false illusions and to trust in the Safe Gambling.

Good luck!

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