The easiest casino games

Going to a casino for the first time is a bit intimidating, there are machines and tables everywhere, lots of sounds and we can get lost in a world of possibilities that we may not even know well, that’s why we show you the games with which you can start this great experience.


Undoubtedly the so-called “machines” par excellence are the easiest to play, as you only have to choose the amount you want to bet and press a button. In fact, there are some slots that allow you to leave the game on autoplay, so all you have to do is watch the reels spin and wait for a great combination. But before you start!

Learn how free spins work

They’re one of the most sought-after features in Slots and here’s everything you need to know to win on your next game.

If you like playing slots, you will always be looking for the now famous free spins that almost all slots machines have and which, as well as giving you great winnings, are great fun.

The free spins in these famous slot machines appear in different ways, some with three icons on the game lines, others are staggered according to certain dynamics and others appear by surprise in chests or extra boxes.

The spins are actually free spins because they are triggered and you can win, but they are not taken from your account and their amount also depends on each machine, however the most common number is ten.

Big winnings

The dynamics of free spins usually have a higher payback percentage, so it is more frequent that the prizes come out, plus the appearance can change a bit to make them even more attractive.

We have a free spins for losses promotion every Thursday, which consists in giving you free spins in any slot if your real money loss was from 300 $ or more in some specific Slots, stay alert and check all our promotions constantly so you can make the most of them.

Visit our Slots section to discover new games and learn about the wide variety of themes we have for you.


Although this attraction has several variations it is still one of the easiest to play, as you just place your chip on the number you think the ball will land on. You can also choose just the colour you think the ball will land on. As time goes by you will get to know the other options offered to make this traditional game more interesting.


Some casinos still have so-called “scratch cards”, either physical or electronic, where you just buy your ticket, scratch the boxes and find out if you have any matches to win a prize.


Another of the easiest games, you just have to pay attention to the numbers that come out of a huge tombola and see if you have them on your card, when you fill it you have to shout “Bingo” and collect your winnings.


As strange as it sounds, there are casinos that still have dart boards. To play, all you need is a good aim, throw your darts as close as you can to the centre of the board and score lots of points to win the game.

We have a huge variety of themes in the Slots section and in our Casino you can find the traditional and most recent versions of these games for many hours of fun.

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